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Transportable Bladder Tanks

Transportable Bladder Tanks

Transport bladders are made from PVC or Polyurethane, a Full Military specification Material with high strength and made specifically for resisting abrasion during transportation for wear resistance and UV protection for African conditions.

Your Liquid Storage Solution In The Heart Of South Africa

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Transportable Bladder Tank

The coating of the material is selected according to chemical characteristics of the liquid transported so as to avoid chemical reaction and guarantee the original properties of the liquid. They are long life, multiple use Bladder tanks and are made to last for 6 years and beyond. The Flexitanks are fully self-supporting and surge resistant when filled to capacity and tied down onto the trailer or truck bed.

The complete liquids logistics solution

FTS tanks can supply bladder tanks to be used in almost all modes of transport
  • Aviation bladder transport
  • Train bladder transport
  • Truck bladder transport
  • Ship or boat bladder transport
Transportable bladder tank

Fuel Transport bladders

Many companies are now getting FREE Diesel and Paraffin transport by using unutilized empty back-hauls with our Flexitank Systems Diesel Bladder tanks. Flatbeds, drop-side, and Tipper truck trailers or railcars are using our Harnessed fuel tanks to transport fuel all over Africa. From Beira to Tete, Walvis-bay to Kimberly and Northern cape to Port Elizabeth. The possibilities are endless, you imagine it we make it happen. 

Transportable bladder tanks for food

We all like our Drinks and FTS Flexitank Systems is helping SA get Molasses to manufacture Alcohol from Zambia and Mozambique to SA at no extra cost to the manufacturers, as they us empty trucks-trailers who do not have a backload to bring back the molasses in our Bladder-tanks. Like the molasses, Distribution of Sunflower and other edible oils are transported all over Africa in our FDA approved food grade bladder tanks. Its efficient-, and is a great differentiator for any entrepreneurial transporter, road or rail.

Modular Transportable B​ladder-tanks

Imagine modular transport for liquids one way and commodities the other….. in the same vessel. Our customers are loading ORE or MANGANESE in the Northern Cape of South Arica in a half-high container to Europe and the Far-east and bringing back Diesel, fertilizer or any other precious liquid on the way back…. In a FTS Bladder-tank in the same half-high container

Containerised transportable Fuel diesel bladder

Fuel diesel bladders can come equipped with all the necessary components for transportation, for example water transportation or fuel transportation on vehicles. Flexible tanks are equipped with adjustable skirts and adjustable towage straps designed to provide high resistance to transport constraints. Adjustable skirts may be replaced by a strap net in case the users need to transform a traditional storage tank to a transportable flexible tank. Specially developed Flexible fuel bladders can also be towed by sled, as in the unique Antarctic expeditions made by American, German and British science teams. High end fuel bladders are made of elastomer coated fabrics manufactured by homogeneous vulcanization in one operation. The fabrics ensure the mechanical resistance. Coating and design engineering grant chemical properties and water tightness.

Plastic transportable tank
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Transportable Jet A1 bladder tanks

FTS tanks specialize in the manufacturing of transportable bladder tanks for the aviation industry,   whether its to extend the the fuel range of the aero plane or to simply to transfer bulk liquid to remote sites.  All tanks goes through a stringent quality control test.

Transportablebladderdiesel Transportable diesel bladder

Diesel bladder tank on boats

FTS tanks specialize in the manufacturing of transportable bladder tanks for the yachting, shipping and boating industry,   whether its to extend the the fuel range of the vessel or to simply to transfer bulk liquid to remote sites.  Fuel bladder Tanks can tugged behind boat or fitted on the boat. All tanks goes through a stringent quality control test.

marinedieselbladdertank bladdertankoceantransport Diesel boat tank Costumfuelbladdermarine

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