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Fuel Bladder Tanks

Fuel Bladder Tanks

Fuel Bladder Tanks In Africa

An age-old concept used by armed forces the world over now with new technology, with more safety and more user-friendly-, quicker applications ideal for Africa. It does not matter the volume of Diesel or Paraffin you want to store or transport; the fact is that an empty tank is a fraction of the size of a ridged tank cheap and quick to get on site. To put up a storage facilities with ridged fuel tanks in Africa can take up to MONTHS or YEARS while with FTS-Flexitank Systems a million liter facility can be put up in a few weeks. 

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Fuel Bladder Tanks 

Defense Forces, UN Aid and Rapid deployment for any liquid storage are just some of the applications available. The application for the Fuel bladders dictates the use with or without a berm liner and, made from PVC or Polyurethane material, with optional Berm liner for secondary containment. As a pillow tank operate in a vacuum, what you put into a fuel bladder is what you get out, no dust, air or light exposure to your product.

Flexitank Systems has the expertise to advice on all and any Hazchem liquid pillow tank applications.  Industry users range from Land, Aviation, Marine, Military and Aid Agency/NGO markets. The sizes of the pillow tanks  range from 100ℓ to 250 000ℓ capacities.  There is a standard range of fuel bladder tanks; however we can make bespoke applications in any size, shape or fitting to order against drawings. Packed and folded-up for crating, the size ranges from 300x300x300mm for a 100ℓ - to 2400x1500x1500mm for a 250 000ℓ tank.

What are Fuel Bladders

Storage fuel bladder tanks are collapsible, flexible tanks sometimes called pillow tanks, that can store liquids. Fuel storage bladders – also known as fuel bladders, fuel storage tanks, fuel pillow tanks, fuel cells, or blivots – are specifically designed to safely store and/or transport fuels, including diesel gas, petrol, jet fuels, crude oil, biofuels, and other compatible fuels and industrial chemicals.

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Fuel bladders uses and applications

FTS tanks Fuel Bladder Tanks can be used in many applications across many different industries, including humanitarian disaster relief and agricultural fuel storage and large-quantity industrial fuel storage, as well as public works, mining, racing, exploration, military, and transportation applications. When properly secured and supported, fuel storage bladders can also be used in marine and aviation settings for auxiliary fuel storage.


Portable Fuel station

FTS tanks provide the complete turnkey solution for portable fuel stations.  By incorporating our Fuel bladders into a reinforced ISO container that constitutes as secondary containment.  The pump fits nicely with all electrical equipment inside the front of the container thus making it a secure setup that is lockable.  

Mobile fuel station has a wide range of advantages

FTS tanks Filling Stations are the perfect solution for the distribution of liquid fuels in containerized versions. A customised option that features reduced transport costs and maximized fuel storage ratios, also including setting and parameterization services, start-up support and implementation training.

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