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Circular steel tanks

Circular steel tanks

The designs is in accordance to a recognized code of practice, this enables FTS to design various custom circular water tanks for numerous projects according to specific design codes and standards.

The Aluzinc Steel round water Tank is designed to stand up to aggressive wind loads in specific regions where hurricanes, high winds and thunderstorms occurs regularly. The tank shell can be adapted to any bespoke needs, we can adapt the wall sheet thickness, roof sheeting and truss design for a more durable structure when nature comes thundering down.

Corrugated water tanks are constructed using panels of galvanised steel shipped to your location in sections and can be installed in just one day. On the inside of the tank is a flexible liner to safely store water (or other liquids) and prevents any damage directly to the reservoir interior.

Aluzinc round tank

Top of the range High quality tank design to with stand the elements

Corrugated steel tank

Budget friendly alternative to the more robust and expensive tanks

Circular steel tank

round steel tank

circular water tanks

round steel water tanks

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circular water tank
Round steel tank
Circular water tank
Round steel water tank
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