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Airlift Jacks are made from high strength and abrasion resistant specially formulated PVC and are used in many industries to aid in the lifting or maneuvering of heavy objects especially when in unstable or uneven surfaces where traditional lifting jacks are impractical or impossible to use effectively.

Airlift Jacks | Airlift Jacks - Flexi Tank Systems

Airlift Jacks Your Liquid Storage Solution In The Heart Of South Africa

Airlift Jacks | Contact us directly or send us an e-mail to find out more about our airlift jacks for sale and how Flexi Tank Systems can help you take your lifting needs to the next level

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Airlift Jacks | Features

Airlift Jacks can be used where space is restricted for access where only a flat bag can be inserted.  Ideally used where traditional jacks are unable to be used for reasons like uneven surfaces or unstable surface material like sand or mud. They can be charged from an exhaust from a vehicle, blower or compressor. These bags are made to size and small enough to be stored in any vehicle and can be quickly inflated.  Our airlift Jacks are for sale at our offices or can be delivered right at your doorstep.

Airlift Jacks -Heli Flexi, Helicopter Emergency bladder Helicopter


Other Applications For Airlift Jacks

  • Disaster relief, 
  • rapid deployment, 
  • 4x4 expeditions, 
  • Marine applications for lifting boats, 
  • Emergency relief services.

Airlift Jacks 
Helicopters involved in firefighting operations are used to drop water onto the fire (water bombing), and to transport firefighting crews to remote areas, as well as dropping off rations and supplies to these crews. Helicopter pilots face numerous hazardous situations that are not experienced under normal flying operations. These include thick smoke, strong wind and turbulence when flying at low level close to mountains, and power / telephone cables close to dams used for collecting water.

These bulk liquid storage tanks can be lifted by helicopters to transport fluids to remote locations. When empty, these unit collapse vertically to a fraction of their filled size. Dependable with very robust materials these tanks can be used repeatedly, whether it be remote transport, hoist maintenance or hoist training. Designed for stability, these tanks are not only ideal for transport by helicopter but also used in truck or boat mounted applications.

  • Certified Lift Straps
  • Material and all Fittings are appropriate for either Portable Water or Hydrocarbons
  • Fast response tanks that take just minutes to set up with limited person
  • Ideal for liquid Transport to and from remote locations

Airlift Jacks is made from high strength and abrasion resistant specially formulated PVC and are used in many industries | Airlift Jacks - Flexi Tank Systems

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